Since 2013 onwards, Dota 2 has taken a special and honorable place among multiplayer online battle arena games.

Since 2013 onwards, Dota 2 has taken a special and honorable place among multiplayer online battle arena games. Its popularity is explained by fascinating gameplay and a great number of eSport options at Dota 2 betting sites. The amount of game’s prize pools strikes imagination; annual world tournament “The International” every time becomes event of the year in eSports field.

In addition to the world-scale events, there is a variety of smaller seasonal championships and tournaments held on a regular basis. It is simple to search for nice odds at to try your luck in various kinds of betting.

Before setting the first bet in Dota 2, it is desirable to sort out the rules of game and learn more about the teams.

What is about Dota 2 gameplay?

There are two teams (Radiant and Dire), each having five players. Any gamer has his/her alter-ego (own hero) and strengthens its abilities by gaining experience and purchasing various items during the game. The most appreciated and admirable things about game are:

  • three main categories of heroes with different skills (agility, strength, intelligence);
  • huge amount of in-game items and add-ons;
  • ability to choose and follow individual strategy;
  • endless opportunities to combine gaming experience with personal needs and preferences.

Competition between two teams occurs on a standard map. Captains have a right to pick and ban team heroes before game begins. The opponents start the game from different sides of the map. The task is to protect your own starting point, i.e. base (Ancient), and to destroy the enemy base. Every round lasts about 1 hr. Winner of the game destroys the opponent’s Ancient. The gameplay looks little bit complex at first, but a detailed Dota 2 betting guide can make it clearer for the newcomers.

Key Dota 2 betting tips

Some useful things should be done ahead of Dota 2 betting on the tournaments.

  • Watch the matches, interviews and analytical cases from eSports betting Dota 2 experts.
  • Observe the performance of teams in the course of previous and last matches, trying to find some typical trends.
  • Study the results of the well-known teams, such as Team Secret, Virtus.Pro, EG, PSG.LGD, Team Liquid, etc.

Detect behavioral patterns of the team you are betting on to define its potential strengths and weaknesses.