Unholy Death Knight Battle of Azeroth

The Death Knights, along with other classes, have significant changes in the addition of “The Battle for Azeroth”. The specialization “Unholy” is popular among players, and therefore they should be aware of some reworkings in skills and talents. In the basic set of skills appeared “Apocalypse” – a blow with 932 damage and a breakthrough to 4 Festering wounds. For each of them, a ghoul is invoked with a life time of 15 seconds. They will fight on the side of the Death Knight. Reduced the cooldown of the Army of the Dead from 8 minutes to 10, but the army exists not for 40 seconds, but 30 instead. The Death Coil ability is activated for 40 runes instead of 45. Instead of regenerating energy, the ghouls have a cooldown reduction of 1 second of “Dark Transformation “. The new “Death’s Advance” skill passively does not allow you to slow down the movement speed below 70{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514}, when activated, it increases by 30{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} and for 8 seconds and it cannot fall below 100{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514}, and you get resistance to knockback. “Dark Transformation” strengthens the ghoul for 15 seconds (in the “Legion” was 20). “Death Strike” now recovers 45{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} of incoming damage over the last 5 seconds in the form of health to the character. Mastery affects the Shadow Damage spells more, instead of 37{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} damage increase has been changed to 46{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514}.

In the first tier of talents added “Infected Claws”, and the chance of proc of the “Festering Wounds” effect increased by 5{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514}. In this row, there was a place for the skill “Clawing Shadows” and instead of the percentage damage it was changed to a value of 746 units. In the second tier the talent “Bursting Sores” has appeared, and the damage from Festering Wounds breakthrough has been reduced from 50 to 25{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} and the damage value of 325 units has appeared to enemies within a radius of 8 meters. “Ebon Fever” in this series has changed the indicator from 20{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} of damage to 15{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} from the “Deadly Plague.” New talent in the second tier “Unholy Blight”. After activation, a swarm of insects appears which stings the enemy near and impose the disease with a loss of 1827 units in 14 seconds. In the third tier, The Grip of the Dead is a new talent that allows you to slow down opponents to 90{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} with the activation of Death and Decay. Every second the effect is reduced by 10{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514}. “Death’s Reach” increases the range of “Death Grip” by 10 meters, and when you kill an enemy with experience or honor, the skill is instantly refreshed. In this tier also appeared “Asphyxiate”. In the tier of level 60, the altered skill “Pestilent Pustules” appeared. Any explosion of spoil can activate the Runic Corruption with a 10{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} chance. The new ability “Harbinger of Doom” creates 2 charges of ” Sudden Doom”, and the effect works 15{9f093155a1ce3b83552298af2feea7f073aae6734ce06ea00f1b4201a8ca8514} more often. In this tier appeared “Soul Reaper” with a damage of 1674 units for 8 seconds. … Read More

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Indie Games for The Diligent Gamer in You

Most gamers are introduced to the gaming world through big brands and studio owned games. However, only the serious gamers understand that indie games are actually the best ones out there! For those who don’t know what Indie games are – those created by game developers without the backing of a major corporate publisher. In recent years, some of the best games in the industry are indie games.

In this article, we look at some of the best Indie games available in the market today.


Priced at just $20, this game is a science fiction adventure game that is equal parts moving as well as thrilling. Tacoma builds a whole new galaxy with a brilliant display of worlds. With excellent pacing and plenty of secrets to uncover in the gameplay, this indie game is sure to keep you wanting for more.



This indie game is perhaps a bit challenging. One part visual novel, one part action – RPG, and one part sports? That too basketball! This strange combination somehow works incredibly well! The game has amazing artwork and dialogue demand attention. However, it is the action part which keeps the player engrossed throughout the game. Get it now, you don’t know what you are missing!


Player Unknowns Battleground

This 2017 release is what Overwatch was to 2016. As of September 2017, the game had sold over 10 million copies and became one of the best games of 2017. This is a huge hit among non-studio names. You drop down into unknown territory and the last man standing wins. You can either play as solo or in teams of four. Keep a lookout for your team mates not turning on you because as said earlier, the last man standing wins!


Dead Cells

This game is perhaps one that cannot be classified into a single genre because of its amazing resemblance to several genre of video games we have come across till date. Satisfying levels of combat and an addictive loot system makes Dead Cells a game to look out for and can be even classified as one of the best Indie games till date.


Night in the Woods

Coming home is never the same each time is it? Well, it all depends on the choices we make while getting home. And Night in the Woods is all about the choices you make. It plays around with dark humour which makes you smile and cry in one single scene depending on the choices you make. Pretty fun to play and the characters leave quite an impression on you for days after you finish the game.



This platforming game sort of has the Metroidvania genre feel to it. Owlboy is a human – owl hybrid who sets out on adventure and you get to explore the world with him on his quest. Owlboy is quite a delight to play and make sure you get the most of the game by doing all the tasks and … Read More

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